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Bakers Banquet was born out of my love for baking and the Rolling Stones; just ask my dog Jagger.  I always say that I would rather bake cookies than make dinner any night of the week.  Ask my family.  They have certainly had cake for dinner.

While this blog is a new venture for me, I have been baking my whole life.  As a child I remember helping my mom with holiday baking.  Sometimes I would just sit on the floor with the dog in my lap and watch her. It was like I was soaking it in.

I taught 4th grade in my 20’s and tried my hand at Toll House cookies and banana bread in my tiny New York City kitchen.  My trusty hand mixer kept me busy.  I even baked and sold chocolate biscotti to a well known deli on Madison Avenue.  My perfectly sliced cookies sat in a jar next to the cash register.  An impulse purchase for the lunch crowd.  

In my 30’s I was blessed with my first Kitchen Aid.  Game Changer!  I started buying cookbooks and trying my hand at more complicated recipes.  I made my first cheesecake.  I subscribed to Gourmet and Bon Appetite.  I traded recipes with my sister.  I shared batches of cookies and bundt cakes with friends, and they liked what they were eating. I was actually good at this baking thing!  My kids were thrilled to hear the music of the mixer and I was excited to see the smiles on their chocolate covered faces.

In my 40’s I learned to bake for relaxation.  Sometimes a stressful day would end with a pan of brownies in the oven.  I learned to make challah and to put my fear of using yeast behind me.  I became known among my friends for certain goodies and was repeatedly asked to bring them to parties. (Double the recipe please!)  It made me feel great.  I discovered accomplished food bloggers and instagram feeds and sent evenings sending recipes to the printer; future projects for sure.

So here I am.  Almost 50 and ready for the next chapter in my baking life.


Hi! I’m Mia. My role is part time website designer, part time food photographer, and full time daughter of the incredible woman behind Bakers Banquet. When my mom told me about Bakers Banquet in its beginning stages, I immediately offered up my creativity to help her begin her journey. That being said, I am a studio artist and know absolutely nothing about web design. However, I was so excited for my mom that I decided to figure it out. Working with my mom has been an absolute pleasure and I am so lucky to be a part of this amazing adventure. 

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