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Hi! I’m Rachel; wife, mother, daughter, sister, teacher, baker . . . and now blogger.  This idea evolved while being stuck at home during the COVID-19 pandemic.  My family spent a lot of (too much?) time at home together, like all others around the world. Not only did I cook and clean constantly, I picked up my mixing spoon and tried my hand at baked goods like babkas and breads that I had previously shied away from.  I returned to old favorites for comfort as well.  I already had a banana bread I loved and there is never anything wrong with a chocolate chip cookie.  I never did get into that instagram sourdough craze. Sourdough is not my fav. But I found other things to make.  I ordered and read cookbooks, trolled instagram, and my kitchen creativity soared.  My husband, Randy, was/is working from home (Is there anything for lunch?), my daughter Mia was studying remotely - freshman year of college at home -ugh!, and my son, Eli, in his freshman year of high school was learning in person! (Hallelujah)  So here I sit with two folders in front of me.  Recipes to try and recipes I already love.  And this is where I begin my journey to bring my love of baking to you.


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